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Easy Vegetarian Pasta Amatriciana Recipe

Vegetarian Pasta Americana

One of the three classic Roman pastas, making a vegetarian pasta amatriciana can seem like an impossible task – especially when you consider that guanciale (a cured pork jowl) is one of the central ingredients. However, I stumbled upon a great workaround purely by accident. … Read More

Vegan Puttanesca Without Anchovies Recipe

Vegan Puttenesca Without Anchovies

If you’re looking for an easy and flavourful pasta sauce that comes together in the amount of time it takes your pasta to cook, then you’re sure to love this vegan puttanesca sauce without anchovies. Hailing from the Campania region of Southern Italy, this sauce … Read More

Khinkali Recipe: Georgian Dumplings with Meat

Khinkali: Georgian Dumplings with Meat

If you’re looking for a star player in a quintessential Georgian feast, then this khinkali recipe is sure to be the ticket. Khinkali (Georgian dumplings) are one of the most popular and delicious food items that you can eat on any trip to Georgia. These … Read More

Indian-Spiced Red Lentil Burgers Recipe

Spiced Red Lentil Burgers

This delicious red lentil burger recipe uses Indian spices and cooking techniques to make a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal. They are easy to make and so flavourful that they’re soon to become a favourite for a weeknight dinner. What is great about these red … Read More

Easy Vegetarian Pad Thai Without Fish Sauce Recipe

Pad Thai Without Fish Sauce

If you really enjoy Thai food but are a vegetarian or vegan, finding good substitutes can be a bit tricky considering so many recipes call for fish sauce, especially a Thai restaurant favourite — pad thai. This noodle dish is usually cooked with a sauce … Read More

Easy Chipotle Black Bean Burger Recipe

Chipotle Black Bean Burgers

If you were to ask me what one of my absolute favourite weeknight meals is, I would very likely include these chipotle black bean burgers in my top three – pretty much alongside my Mediterranean chickpea burgers and my red lentil burgers. Over the years, … Read More

Creamy Lemon Pasta Without Cream Recipe

Lemon Pasta Without Cream

Are you looking to make delicious lemon pasta without cream? This recipe is the answer! If you’re searching for a zingy, flavourful and easy lemon pasta that can come together in a flash, I’ve developed it. This wonderful dish is the answer if you’re craving … Read More

Zesty Braised Lamb Shank Recipe Without Wine

Braised Lamb Shanks Without Wine

Are you looking for a delicious and flavourful lamb shank recipe without wine? Most recipes for braised lamb shanks call for either red or white wine as part of the braising liquid. This can add a touch of acidity and complexity to your sauce and … Read More

Old Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe Without Wine

Traditional Beef Stew Without Wine

Nothing warms up a cold winter’s day quite like a hearty and savoury beef stew. Though making one can be a time-consuming process, there are few ways more rewarding to spend a chilly Saturday than letting a stew bubble away all day. But what if … Read More

Chakhokhbili Recipe: Georgian Chicken Stew with Tomatoes


Interestingly, the dish known as chakhokhbili doesn’t make it onto many restaurant menus in the country of Georgia and it wasn’t until living in Tbilisi for over a year until I learned about this dish. Traditionally made at home rather than eaten in a restaurant, … Read More