Easy Spanish Marinated Olives Recipe (Mojo Picón)

Marinated Spanish Olives

If you’re looking for a quick and easy appetiser to enjoy during an aperitivo hour, then these Spanish marinated olives are an excellent option. Served along with some Basque-style Gildas and a glass of Spanish red vermouth over ice, I honestly can think of nothing … Read More

Spanish Gildas Recipe: The Original Basque Pintxo

Spanish Gildas

If you want to travel to San Sebastian without leaving your kitchen, then this Spanish gilda recipe is for you! The original pintxo (a Basque-style tapa), it is so-called after the Rita Hayworth movie of the same name because it of its “spicy” nature. Today, … Read More

Savoury Garlic Miso Popcorn Recipe

Miso Butter Popcorn

This miso popcorn recipe is perfect for those who want to jazz up a boring batch of popcorn very easily. The miso butter sauce comes together in a matter of minutes and the results are so savoury and delicious, you’re sure to be craving it … Read More

Easy French Onion Dip Without Sour Cream Recipe

French Onion Dip Without Sour Cream

Is it possible to make a delicious and flavourful French onion dip without sour cream, cream cheese, mayonnaise or the ever-present powdered soup mix? Yes, it is, and this recipe may just be the most delicious and indulgent dip you will taste. Using a base … Read More

Easy Homemade Guacamole Without Tomatoes Recipe

Guacamole Without Tomatoes

Whether you forgot to buy them, can’t stand them or it’s not the season and they taste terrible, there are countless reasons why one may want to make guacamole without tomatoes. The good news is that you can actually make delicious and flavourful guacamole without … Read More

Artichoke Bruschetta Without Tomatoes or Basil Recipe

Artichoke Bruschetta Without Tomatoes or Basil

Not a fan of tomatoes but want to serve some delicious bruschetta as an appetizer for your next cocktail party? Then you’re sure to love this artichoke bruschetta without tomatoes recipe! Whether it’s the dead of winter and fresh tomatoes are hard to come by … Read More

Simple Deviled Eggs Without Relish Recipe

Deviled Eggs Without Relish

Do you want to make the perfect party hors d’oeuvre and only find recipes for deviled eggs that contain pickle relish? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve developed a recipe for deviled eggs without relish and it is incredibly easy and equally delicious! This deviled … Read More

Kepta Duona Recipe: Baltic Fried Black Bread

Homemade Kepta Duona

If you’re sick of traditional snacks foods and want to mix it up a bit, then you’re seriously going to love this kepta duona recipe. Kepta duona is the Lithuanian name for a snack that is found throughout the Baltic nations of Lithuania, Latvia and … Read More

Badrijani Nigvzit Recipe: Georgian Eggplant Rolls

Delicious badrijani nigvzit

One of my absolute favourite things about Georgian food is its heavy reliance on vegetables and nuts to make absolutely delicious dishes, and this badrijani nigvzit recipe is just one example. These delicious Georgian eggplant rolls filled with a garlicky walnut paste are one of … Read More

Pkhali Recipe: Georgian Spinach & Walnut Spread

Pkhali formed into balls

Georgian food is slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream, however, most of those familiar with the cuisine of this beautiful country in the Caucasus know it for hearty khinkali dumplings or cheesy khachapuri. However, this pkhali recipe is a great introduction to … Read More