Spiced Molasses Ginger Cookies with Fresh Ginger Recipe

Ginger Cookies

These ginger cookies with fresh ginger are, in my opinion, one of the best versions of the chewy molasses cookie out there. This is one of my favourite types of cookie – boasting crispy edges and a delightfully chewy interior. I’ve also included some of … Read More

Maple Pecan Bars Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Pecan Bars Without Corn Syrup

These maple pecan bars without corn syrup nearly broke me when I was developing the recipe. It went through several iterations until I was able to get the perfect, crisp shortbread crust coupled with a chewy, pecan topping reminiscent of pecan pie. For too many … Read More

Easy Sticky Toffee Pudding Without Dates Recipe

Sticky Toffee Pudding With No Dates

If you’ve been looking for a sticky toffee pudding recipe without dates then you’ve come to the right place. This crave-able, gooey and delicious dessert is a mainstay on menus all over the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Though here in Australia it is referred … Read More

Easy Dairy-Free Eggnog Without Cream Recipe

Dairy-Free Eggnog

This eggnog without cream happens to be completely dairy-free, but you wouldn’t even know it. Though I usually don’t care for the store versions, I cannot pass up a delicious glass of creamy eggnog once the holiday season rolls around. However, I married a lactose-intolerant … Read More

Brown Butter Apple Pie Without Cinnamon Recipe

Brown Butter Apple Pie

This brown butter apple pie without cinnamon recipe really leans hard into pure apple flavour and uses only a handful of ingredients for its filling. While many apple pie recipes go hard on the warm spices (so much that it can overpower the apples themselves) … Read More

Easy Hard Candy Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Hard Candy Without Corn Syrup

This super easy hard candy recipe without corn syrup is perfect for those who want to make some flavoured candy but don’t want to put forward an initial investment for things like lollypop molds. Using only a handful of ingredients and requiring no specialized equipment, … Read More

Delicious Caramel Apples Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Caramel Apples With No Corn Syrup

Making caramel apples without corn syrup is surprisingly simple and, from start to finish, you can end up with this favourite autumn treat in under an hour. While making a caramel with corn syrup is certainly a more foolproof way, it’s simple enough to omit … Read More

Easy Candy Strawberries Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Candied Strawberries Without Corn Syrup

These candy strawberries without corn syrup are super easy to make and only use three ingredients – one of which is water! If you’re looking for a very pretty, super achievable candy to make (especially if you’re a beginner), then this recipe is for you. … Read More

Easy Candy Apples Recipe Without Corn Syrup

Candy Apples Without Corn Syrup

This insanely easy candy apples recipe without corn syrup will have you making this iconic fall favourite with just 3 ingredients! Nothing really screams autumn quite like bright red candy coating gorgeous green apples, however, most recipes for homemade candy apples call for corn syrup … Read More

Easy Tiramisu Without Alcohol Recipe

Tiramisu Without Alcohol

This tiramisu without alcohol recipe also uses the classic Italian technique, first invented in Treviso, Italy (a city in the Veneto region near Venice). While lots of tiramisu recipes outside of Europe use whipped cream and mascarpone in between the layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, the … Read More

Easy Sugar Cookie Icing Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Sugar Cookie Icing Without Corn syrup

Making sugar cookie icing without corn syrup is incredibly quick and easy and can have you decorating cookies in no time! If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use corn syrup in the icing for your cookies, you’ll be pleased to find out you … Read More

Easy Miso Caramel Sauce Without Cream Recipe

Miso Caramel Sauce without Cream

If you’re looking for a delicious and uniquely flavoured topping for ice cream (or any dessert, really) then this miso caramel sauce without cream is the perfect thing. Completely dairy-free and vegan, this caramel sauce swaps butter and heavy cream with coconut oil and coconut … Read More