Moroccan Spiced Vegetarian Harira Soup Recipe

Vegetarian Harira Soup

This hearty vegetarian harira soup recipe is easy to make and uses a ton of bright, complex flavours and Mediterranean spices while also being completely vegan. Combining two types of lentils, nutritious chickpeas and different cooking techniques in order to maximise the flavours in this … Read More

Easy Vegetarian Mushroom Soup Without Cream Recipe

Mushroom Soup Without Cream

I’ve been playing around with this mushroom soup without cream recipe in the back of my mind for some time – ever since I had a similar one at a fine dining restaurant in Copenhagen earlier this year. The rich, creamy texture and deep flavours … Read More

Hearty Vegetarian Pasta e Fagioli Recipe

Pasta e Fagioli

This flavourful and hearty vegetarian pasta e fagioli without meat recipe is the perfect meal to enjoy on a cold day to instantly warm you up. Though it doesn’t have the characteristic pancetta and porkiness that a traditional pasta e fagioli has, it doesn’t sacrifice … Read More

Vegan Corn Chowder Without Cream or Bacon Recipe

Corn Chowder Without Cream or Bacon

It seems like every corn chowder recipe I have come across includes bacon and cream, milk or some sort of dairy substitute. That got me thinking – is it possible to make a delicious, creamy and hearty corn chowder without cream or bacon? Is it … Read More

Vegan Roasted Cauliflower Soup Without Cream Recipe

Cauliflower Soup Without Cream

Are you searching for the perfect, easy vegan soup to keep you warm and fill you up? Then you’re sure to love this vegan roasted cauliflower soup without cream recipe. This soup is so easy and so tasty that it’s sure to become a lunchtime … Read More

Easy Vegan Leek & Potato Soup Without Cream Recipe

Vegan Leek & Potato Soup Without Cream

Do you want to make a delicious leek and potato soup without cream? Whether you’re not a fan of creamy soups, are trying to cut back on your excess fat intake or simply are looking for a vegan version of a classic favourite, there are … Read More

Parsnip & Leek Soup Without Potatoes Recipe

Parsnip & Leek Soup ready to serve!

Are you looking for the perfect, hearty leek soup without potatoes? Well, look no further. Traditionally, leek soup is not a standalone fare, it normally is made with potatoes and then blended up into a smooth puree, the results being flavourful, albeit starchy and lacking … Read More

French Onion Soup Recipe Without Wine or Sherry

Delicious French Onion Soup without Wine!

Are you looking for a perfect French onion soup recipe without wine, sherry or any other kind of alcohol? Or do you not have any oven-safe bowls but still want the same delicious results? That’s where I come in. There are few things in this … Read More

Chikhirtma Recipe: Georgian Chicken Soup

Chikhirtma: Georgian Chicken Soup

It would seem as if every country in the world that has an established drinking culture also has its token “hangover cure” touted by grandmothers and homoeopathic enthusiasts the world over that this will cure what ails you. In Georgia, there are two such dishes: … Read More

Easy Lentil Soup Without Tomatoes Recipe

Easy lentil soup without tomatoes

Of all the soups out there, lentil soup is easily my favourite. I love legumes and bean dishes and I absolutely love a good soup, whether it be a hearty bean stew, a creamy pumpkin soup or a roasted cauliflower soup, and I’m always looking … Read More