Spiced Molasses Ginger Cookies with Fresh Ginger Recipe

Ginger Cookies

These ginger cookies with fresh ginger are, in my opinion, one of the best versions of the chewy molasses cookie out there. This is one of my favourite types of cookie – boasting crispy edges and a delightfully chewy interior. I’ve also included some of … Read More

Rough Puff Pastry Recipe Without a Food Processor

Puff Pastry No Food Processor

Everyone knows homemade is best for pretty much everything – and that includes puff pastry! Traditionally made by encasing a block of butter into a lean dough and rolling and folding it several times, this is a time-consuming and technical process. This rough puff pastry … Read More

Simple Rainbow Trout Baked in Foil Recipe

Trout Baked in Foil

This rainbow trout baked in foil is such a great recipe for any night of the week. It is quick to make and assemble and perfect if you’re after a very low-effort but high-impact meal. In fact, from start to finish, you really don’t need … Read More

Simple Red Snapper Baked in Foil Recipe

Baked Snapper in Foil

This baked snapper in foil recipe is super simple to make and is one of the best options for a fish dinner for basically any occasion. If you live in an area where beautiful, fresh red snapper is prolific (as I am fortunate enough to … Read More

Maple Pecan Bars Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Pecan Bars Without Corn Syrup

These maple pecan bars without corn syrup nearly broke me when I was developing the recipe. It went through several iterations until I was able to get the perfect, crisp shortbread crust coupled with a chewy, pecan topping reminiscent of pecan pie. For too many … Read More

Easy Sticky Toffee Pudding Without Dates Recipe

Sticky Toffee Pudding With No Dates

If you’ve been looking for a sticky toffee pudding recipe without dates then you’ve come to the right place. This crave-able, gooey and delicious dessert is a mainstay on menus all over the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Though here in Australia it is referred … Read More

Creamy Tomato Pasta Without Cream Recipe

Creamy Tomato Pasta (No Cream)

This creamy tomato pasta sauce without cream recipe uses parmesan cheese to make a rich and creamy sauce, much more akin to traditional Italian pasta methods. The best thing about this recipe is that it comes together in about 20 minutes and uses mostly pantry … Read More

Easy Dairy-Free Eggnog Without Cream Recipe

Dairy-Free Eggnog

This eggnog without cream happens to be completely dairy-free, but you wouldn’t even know it. Though I usually don’t care for the store versions, I cannot pass up a delicious glass of creamy eggnog once the holiday season rolls around. However, I married a lactose-intolerant … Read More

Maple Miso Glazed Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Maple Miso Brussels Sprouts

These miso maple glazed brussels sprouts are one of the most low-effort, high-impact side dishes that I’ve ever developed. I also think that it can convert even the most ardent of brussels-sprout-haters. This dish comes together in a matter of minutes and the results are … Read More

Brown Butter Apple Pie Without Cinnamon Recipe

Brown Butter Apple Pie

This brown butter apple pie without cinnamon recipe really leans hard into pure apple flavour and uses only a handful of ingredients for its filling. While many apple pie recipes go hard on the warm spices (so much that it can overpower the apples themselves) … Read More