Easy Spanish Marinated Olives Recipe (Mojo Picón)

Marinated Spanish Olives

If you’re looking for a quick and easy appetiser to enjoy during an aperitivo hour, then these Spanish marinated olives are an excellent option. Served along with some Basque-style Gildas and a glass of Spanish red vermouth over ice, I honestly can think of nothing … Read More

Creamy Pesto Pasta Without Cream Recipe

Pesto Pasta Without Cream

This delicious, creamy pesto pasta without cream recipe is the answer to your weeknight dinner woes. It comes together in under 30 minutes from start to finish and only uses a handful of ingredients. And because it omits the heavy cream common in pesto pasta … Read More

Easy Green Peppercorn Sauce Without Cream Recipe

Green Peppercorn Sauce Without Cream

In my opinion, a green peppercorn sauce is in the upper echelon of sauces. However, if you’re looking to limit heavy cream intake or are after a vegan version, you can be left wanting. That’s where this delicious green peppercorn sauce without cream comes to … Read More

Delicious Vegan Creamed Spinach Without Cream Recipe

Vegan Creamed Spinach Without Cream

Regardless if you’re looking for a vegan alternative to a steakhouse classic or are simply trying to lighten a notoriously decadent way to eat vegetables, this creamed spinach without cream is a great side dish option. When testing out this recipe, I even surprised myself … Read More

Easy Indian-Spiced Chickpea and Kale Curry Recipe

Chickpea & Kale Curry

This delicious chickpea and kale curry is super simple to make and a perfect one-pot weeknight option. It uses a number of delicious spices and Indian-inspired cooking techniques and also comes together in under an hour. Oh, and it’s also completely vegan – but you … Read More

Easy Tiramisu Without Alcohol Recipe

Tiramisu Without Alcohol

This tiramisu without alcohol recipe also uses the classic Italian technique, first invented in Treviso, Italy (a city in the Veneto region near Venice). While lots of tiramisu recipes outside of Europe use whipped cream and mascarpone in between the layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, the … Read More

Spanish Gildas Recipe: The Original Basque Pintxo

Spanish Gildas

If you want to travel to San Sebastian without leaving your kitchen, then this Spanish gilda recipe is for you! The original pintxo (a Basque-style tapa), it is so-called after the Rita Hayworth movie of the same name because it of its “spicy” nature. Today, … Read More

Easy Vegetarian Pasta Amatriciana Recipe

Vegetarian Pasta Americana

One of the three classic Roman pastas, making a vegetarian pasta amatriciana can seem like an impossible task – especially when you consider that guanciale (a cured pork jowl) is one of the central ingredients. However, I stumbled upon a great workaround purely by accident. … Read More

Easy Sugar Cookie Icing Without Corn Syrup Recipe

Sugar Cookie Icing Without Corn syrup

Making sugar cookie icing without corn syrup is incredibly quick and easy and can have you decorating cookies in no time! If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use corn syrup in the icing for your cookies, you’ll be pleased to find out you … Read More

Savoury Garlic Miso Popcorn Recipe

Miso Butter Popcorn

This miso popcorn recipe is perfect for those who want to jazz up a boring batch of popcorn very easily. The miso butter sauce comes together in a matter of minutes and the results are so savoury and delicious, you’re sure to be craving it … Read More

Vegan Puttanesca Without Anchovies Recipe

Vegan Puttenesca Without Anchovies

If you’re looking for an easy and flavourful pasta sauce that comes together in the amount of time it takes your pasta to cook, then you’re sure to love this vegan puttanesca sauce without anchovies. Hailing from the Campania region of Southern Italy, this sauce … Read More