Hi, and welcome to No Frills Kitchen! I’m Maggie Turansky, a passionate home cook who wants to help you gain confidence in the kitchen with nothing fancy required.

From a young age, I’ve always had a love of cooking and creating amazing meals in the kitchen. I’ve fostered this curiosity throughout my life and am always keen to try something new or make something delicious!

I once was a full-time world traveller (I also run the website The World Was Here First with my partner, Michael) and was always experiencing new cuisines and flavours — and, of course, trying to recreate them at home.

Because we were on the road so often, I was also always trying to cook familiar foods and healthy meals in kitchens all over the world. I have learned to be innovative, how to improvise and how to cook basically anything without any expensive equipment or gadgets.

I’ve become something of a minimalist cook and have come to learn that once you master the fundamental techniques and learn about essential flavours, then it is possible to create just about anything in the kitchen. All that’s needed is a bit of confidence!

Maggie Turansky No Frills Kitchen

Through my travels, I’ve also expanded my repertoire and am always keen to try and recreate unique world cuisines at home. Through living in the beautiful city of Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia, for instance, I have cultivated a love for Georgian food (and wine!) and from traversing across Europe, have discovered countless unique ways to prepare meals.

From my time living abroad, I have also gained a lot of knowledge about how to adapt and tailor recipes when I couldn’t find a specific ingredient. It has also exposed me to new cooking techniques and methods that I try to incorporate into meals that I cook at home and recipes that I develop for this website.

These days, I’ve stopped moving around and now live in lovely Melbourne, Australia. Though here in this international city I have an abundance of ingredients and products available, I still like to keep my minimalistic and approachable mindset when I’m developing recipes

I spend much of my free time in the kitchen and have a host of knowledge and tips to share with you. So thanks for making it over to this space and I hope that we can share some recipes together!

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