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Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers Without a Food Processor

Mediterranean chickpea burgers made without a food processor

Are you looking for the perfect Mediterranean-inspired weeknight meal that’s as easy to throw together as it is delicious? Well, look no further than these fantastic vegetarian chickpea burgers without a food processor! Taking about fifteen minutes total to prepare, they are a healthy, flavourful … Read More

Chakapuli Recipe: Georgian Lamb & Tarragon Stew

Chakapuli - Georgian Lamb Stew

If there is a country with a love affair with stews, it has to be Georgia. From hearty kharcho to vibrant chashushuli to veggie-friendly ajapsandali, this small country in the South Caucasus really knows how to make a killer stew. And while there are countless … Read More

Spaghetti Carbonara Without Bacon or Cream Recipe

Spaghetti Carbonara Without Bacon or Cream

Look, if I’m going to be a complete purist, the traditional Roman version of this iconic dish is a spaghetti carbonara without bacon or cream because it used guanciale (a cured pork jowl) and an egg yolk emulsion to get the desired effect. But I … Read More

Homemade Gnocchi Without a Ricer Recipe

Homemade Gnocchi Without a Ricer

Homemade gnocchi is one of the most delicious Italian pasta dishes that you will ever experience. Throw out any ideas of gummy, dense store-bought gnocchi because the homemade kind is light, pillowy and the stuff of dreams. Usually to get these kinds of results, however, … Read More

Kharcho Recipe: Georgian Beef Stew with Walnuts

Homemade Beef kharcho

Kharcho (pronounced HAR-cho) is one of the most variable (albeit delicious) dishes you can find in Georgia, and therefore searching for the perfect kharcho recipe is going to be difficult, as the dish can vary so much from region to region and from cook to … Read More

3-Ingredient Fettuccine Alfredo Without Cream Recipe

Classic Fettuccine Alfredo Without Cream

Fettuccine Alfredo is one of the most delicious and indulgent of Italian pasta dishes. This rich pasta slathered in a creamy parmesan sauce is the definition of comfort food for many, however, there are countless out there who are looking for a lighter than the … Read More

Mushroom Ojakhuri Recipe: Georgian Family Meal

Homemade mushroom ojakhuri

One of the most common dishes in Georgia that you will find across the country is ojakhuri. This hearty meal is a mainstay in this South Caucasus nation and you will be hard-pressed to find a traditional restaurant menu without its inclusion. However, if you’re … Read More

Mushroom Khinkali Recipe: Vegetarian Georgian Dumplings

Homemade mushroom khinkali

Out of all Georgian food that has made onto the international radar, khinkali dumplings are one of the most prominent. These beautiful, steamy soup dumplings are typically known to be filled with minced beef, pork or lamb and a variety of other spice. In short, … Read More

Shkmeruli Recipe: Georgian Chicken in Garlic Milk Sauce

The final product of this Shkmeruli recipe

Georgian food is so incredibly delicious but few people know of its many iterations beyond the realms of khachapuri and khinkali. One of my absolute favourite Georgian dishes, for example, is shkmeruli — a decadent chicken dish cooked in a milky garlic sauce. Originally hailing … Read More