Mexican Restaurant Salsa Without a Blender Recipe

Mexican Restaurant Salsa Without a Blender

Do you want to make a delicious batch of salsa without a blender or food processor? Do you want something different than pico de gallo and are craving some restaurant-style chips and salsa? Then this recipe is for you. Getting the style of salsa that … Read More

Easy Tartar Sauce Without Pickles or Relish Recipe

Tartar Sauce Without Pickles or Relish

Making some fish and chips and want the perfect tartar sauce to accompany it but find your fridge free of pickles or relish? Or do you want some tartar sauce but simply do not like relish or pickles? Regardless of your motivations, you’re sure to … Read More

Hollandaise Sauce Without Lemon Recipe (No Blender!)

Hollandaise Sauce Without Lemon + Eggs

Of the French “mother sauces,” there are few more intimidating than hollandaise. What is simply an emulsion of egg yolks and butter can go south at a moment’s notice if you get one element wrong. And sometimes, you may want to make eggs benedict and … Read More

Satsebeli Recipe: Spicy Georgian Tomato Sauce

Georgian Satsebeli Sauce

While I will not hide that tkemali is definitely my favourite, if I’m looking for a great sauce to accompany a juicy mtsvadi or some roasted potatoes while at a restaurant in Georgia, I may just order a side of satsebeli. This spicy tomato sauce … Read More

Tkemali Recipe: Georgian Sour Plum Sauce

Homemade Tkemali - Georgian Sour Plum Sauce

If you were to ask me, there are few sauces out there that are more perfect than tkemali. I have been in love with this tart, flavourful sour plum sauce since I tasted it on my very first trip to Georgia. The unique, pungent flavours … Read More